Friday, March 4, 2016

That embarrassing "handshake that no one saw" feeling

Or when you say I love you to the girl of your dreams but she doesn't hear you.

Or when your boss doesnt hear your suggestion but hears the same suggestion from your other officemate and tells him "Good job!".

Or when you nod and say peace be with you to the person on your side during Sunday mass but she doesn't acknowledge.

Or when you lean in for a kiss on the cheek greeting but your friend turns away.

Or when you see an old classmate at a mall but you're not sure if he remembers you. You still nod and smile. But yeah, he doesnt remember you and gives you a weird look.

Or when the guard opens your village gate and you wave but he just looks at you.

Or when you're so excited about something and try to high five your friend but he gives you an unenthusiastic low five.

Or when you reach out your hand for your dog to lick it but he does an about face and shows you his ass instead.

Or when you break a personal record on that video game then you look around you for congratulations but no one's there.

Or when you enter an already smelly restroom then someone walks in and thinks you were the culprit.

That feeling.