Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Young and The Privileged

You do not know everything.

Yup, nobody does.

Some people act like they do. But believe me, they really don't.

So, yes, YOU do not know everything.

I don't know who gave you the impression or the misconception that you can just step into the world then act like you own everybody. But please, stop.

I do not have problems with the youth of today. Actually, I marvel at their creativity, enthusiasm and bravado.

When used wisely.

This post is for the young ones out there and for those who never grew up.

This is for the "millennials" who think that the world owes them everything and act accordingly.

This is for the old ones out there who still think that just because they have a good life, they can preach about it to everyone.

Nope. Sorry. The world, much less the people in this world, does or do not owe you anything.

Do not act as if people will just step aside and accept your "Fuck This" attitude.

Do not hide your ignorance behind that horn-rimmed glasses or that tattoo you decided to get because it seemed profound or "deep" or that it will set you apart from everyone else.

Because you know what, people actually give a fuck. So you should too. And acting like you don't will just piss people off.

Please know that everything in this world is EARNED. Not handed down to us and not picked from guava trees. Yeah, okay, unless you are a politician's son or daughter. Okay, not everyone. Most.

Everything needs to be earned. Worked for. Not inherited. Definitely, not claimed.

Respect is not passed on. You have to prove that you are worth respecting. Otherwise, you shouldn't be respected at all.

Learn to listen. Don't ever, ever, EVER think that you know everything. Because again, you don't. Seriously, man.

Life is about learning. It is not about imposing your will to the world.

It is about finding out that having your heart broken sucks and that recovering from it is another exciting journey in itself.

Live recklessly  and be a know-it-all and you'll be dead by 30. And no one will attend your funeral too.

Remember, being proud is different from being boastful.

It's okay to be proud of your achievements but it is not okay to flaunt them.

No, you cannot have all the girls you want. Look at how you look like first. Done? So stop declaring and thinking that you are God's gift to women. Because you're not.

Yup, no matter how hard you try, that scarf look will never fly. Dude, we're in a Tropical country.

Temper your expectations. And maybe the world will be kinder to you.

I hear people my age now say, "Kids these days..."

First thing that comes to mind upon hearing that --Wow. We're old. Haha.

Are the kids these days too brazen? Too outspoken? Too full of themselves?

Perhaps yes. Perhaps no. You tell me.

But we all belong to different generations.

Maybe people older than us also thought the same way of us.

Of course we will always think that our generation is better than other generations.

But then again, what do I know? I find out what day it is based on my pillbox.