Friday, September 20, 2013

What happens when you don't reply to a text

These are the things that can happen when you don't reply to a text:

1. Someone will make a wrong turn and get lost.
2. Someone will arrive late to a party.
3. Someone will be extremely under-dressed.
4. Someone will think he/she is not worthy of your time.
5. Someone will send the wrong email.
6. Someone will sleep late.
7. Someone will get stuck in traffic.
8. Someone will go to school...but there will be no classes.
9. Someone will wear barong to a "strictly coat and tie" wedding.
10. Someone will go to a meeting place and wait for an hour...because the meeting place had been changed.
11. Someone will be late to dinner.
12. Someone will fail to submit his assignment on time.
13. Some friendships will be broken.
14. A heart will be broken. Unless that really is the intention.
15. Someone will go to a 90's-themed party wearing an 80's costume.
16. People will not text you anymore.