Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Rebirth of a Nation

Okay, so the elections was a bust.

It did not produce the candidates that WE THOUGHT would and should win.

That was May 13, 2013.

That day is over. Now time to move on.

Let us forget about that dark (pun definitely not intended) day and look forward to the brighter days ahead.

So they're there on the Senate floor. So what are we gonna do now?

We can't just lock ourselves up in our rooms and wait for the next elections, right?

Believe me, if you're gonna wait for a fair and honest elections here in the country then you're gonna be in your room for a loooong time. But one must hope. Good for you.

What we need to do now is to move on as a nation.

And this starts with you (and me, of course).

Let us stop with the name-calling. Those winners are mothers, sisters, brothers and sons and daughters and you don't want anyone maligning your mothers or fathers, right?

We must prove to these candidates that we are good followers.

If you think they're unworthy leaders, then we must be the best followers the world will ever know so we can balance their pre-judged (anticipated?) incompetence.

We, the normal citizens, should carry out what we believe in and should not put the burden of making decisions for us on these politicians.

Let us dictate to them what we feel is right.

Let us become a nation of dictators with the people as the real leaders.

We should start looking ahead.

Raising our heads and priding ourselves with the unity that no nation has ever exhibited before.

Let us be One.

If not our leaders, then why not us?

They can debate all they want.

Let us remain united and steadfast.

Now is not the time to bow our heads in defeat and let apathy take over.

This is the worst time to do that.

Now is the time to rise to the occasion.

Let us make these leaders earn their positions.

Let us make them accountable for their coming actions and decisions.

Because they owe it to each and every Filipino.

And more importantly, because we owe it to ourselves.

We do not break that easily.

One election will not tear us apart.

We will rise above this.

We are Filipinos and that is what Filipinos do.