Friday, September 20, 2013

What happens when you don't reply to a text

These are the things that can happen when you don't reply to a text:

1. Someone will make a wrong turn and get lost.
2. Someone will arrive late to a party.
3. Someone will be extremely under-dressed.
4. Someone will think he/she is not worthy of your time.
5. Someone will send the wrong email.
6. Someone will sleep late.
7. Someone will get stuck in traffic.
8. Someone will go to school...but there will be no classes.
9. Someone will wear barong to a "strictly coat and tie" wedding.
10. Someone will go to a meeting place and wait for an hour...because the meeting place had been changed.
11. Someone will be late to dinner.
12. Someone will fail to submit his assignment on time.
13. Some friendships will be broken.
14. A heart will be broken. Unless that really is the intention.
15. Someone will go to a 90's-themed party wearing an 80's costume.
16. People will not text you anymore.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Rebirth of a Nation

Okay, so the elections was a bust.

It did not produce the candidates that WE THOUGHT would and should win.

That was May 13, 2013.

That day is over. Now time to move on.

Let us forget about that dark (pun definitely not intended) day and look forward to the brighter days ahead.

So they're there on the Senate floor. So what are we gonna do now?

We can't just lock ourselves up in our rooms and wait for the next elections, right?

Believe me, if you're gonna wait for a fair and honest elections here in the country then you're gonna be in your room for a loooong time. But one must hope. Good for you.

What we need to do now is to move on as a nation.

And this starts with you (and me, of course).

Let us stop with the name-calling. Those winners are mothers, sisters, brothers and sons and daughters and you don't want anyone maligning your mothers or fathers, right?

We must prove to these candidates that we are good followers.

If you think they're unworthy leaders, then we must be the best followers the world will ever know so we can balance their pre-judged (anticipated?) incompetence.

We, the normal citizens, should carry out what we believe in and should not put the burden of making decisions for us on these politicians.

Let us dictate to them what we feel is right.

Let us become a nation of dictators with the people as the real leaders.

We should start looking ahead.

Raising our heads and priding ourselves with the unity that no nation has ever exhibited before.

Let us be One.

If not our leaders, then why not us?

They can debate all they want.

Let us remain united and steadfast.

Now is not the time to bow our heads in defeat and let apathy take over.

This is the worst time to do that.

Now is the time to rise to the occasion.

Let us make these leaders earn their positions.

Let us make them accountable for their coming actions and decisions.

Because they owe it to each and every Filipino.

And more importantly, because we owe it to ourselves.

We do not break that easily.

One election will not tear us apart.

We will rise above this.

We are Filipinos and that is what Filipinos do.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is Happiness?


What is Happiness?

Happiness is the smell of garlic being fried.

Happiness is that first gulp on the newly-opened Coke.

Happiness is holding the hand of your love.

Happiness is feeling the head of your partner on your shoulders.

Happiness is a clean towel.

Happiness is finding money on the jeans you haven't worn in a month.

Happiness is lying in bed and just staring at the ceiling with the one  you love.

Happiness is a solid high five!

Happiness is 5:30 on a Friday.

Happiness is a warm shower.

Happiness is seeing the one you love smile.

Happiness is discovering they have your shoe size.

Happiness is that first bite from a burger.

Happiness a good and tight hug from a good  friend.

Happiness is taking your socks and shoes off after a long day.

Happiness is that first dip in the pool on a hot summer day.

Happiness is a public holiday.

Happiness is that first slurp on that ice cream cone.

Happiness is killing that persistent fly in your room.

Happiness is satisfaction.

Happiness is contentment.

Happiness is an orange light turning into green.

Happiness is a cancelled meeting on a Friday afternoon.

Happiness is someone else's child smiling at you.

HAPPINESS is your own child smiling at you.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is whatever you feel makes you happy. Not what society says should make you happy.

What makes YOU happy?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

Okay, I might be the only guy who will be proudly writing about this but what the hey, right? I love lazy weekends and I love just hearing chimes and birds chirping when I'm at home and away from all the confusion that is work.

I love weekends. Man, who doesn't? But what I love the most about weekends (aside from my wife, of course -- hello, wife:p) is the respite from all that is noisy. Yes, those useless loud chatter from that also-useless officemate. That loud ringing of the phone on the other line (hello, speakerphone, please answer your phone). The enigma that is EDSA traffic and the boisterous car and bus horns (jeeps don't beep their horns, they just cut you without warning). These are the things that I don't miss about weekdays.

During weekends, I love lying in bed and absolutely do nothing. Yes, nothing. Ask my wife and she'll probably write a longer blog post than this just describing how I am a master of doing nothing.

Aside from my wife, my bed would probably also complain about my expertise in doing nothing during weekends. I smother my bed and show it how I missed it every single chance I get. While there, I watch basketball and do other men stuff (okay, not what you're thinking) like...nothing. Yes, I just lie in bed and do nothing.

I just breathe in the silence.

But sometimes my doing nothing gets interrupted. And I hate it. And the culprit is the noisy vacuum cleaner that if I just have the chance (and if my wife would allow me to) would throw it away instantly!

Many NBA games have been ruined by that vacuum cleaner. Sometimes its even caused arguments inside the house because I didn't hear my wife ask me if she looked fat in that dress that she's wearing while vacuuming. I just nodded and said yes to be polite. Wrong move.

I wish we had a  silent vacuum cleaner like the Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum. I wish we also had the Electrolux Powersilent Blender so I could at least even on one occasion be useful in the house during weekends and fix myself and the wife a cocktail.

I just wish we had those to maintain the peace and quiet during weekends.

Maybe having a silent vacuum cleaner will encourage me to do something. Maybe with the silent blender I'd mix some fruit juices and not be my usual useless self.

Maybe when my wife asks me if she's fat in a particular dress, I'd give her the right answer.

Then maybe I would be typing this with two working hands. The wife sure gives a nasty hand grip when mad.


Visit the Electrolux Philippines Official Website and follow the Electrolux Philippines Twitter account for more information about the two products.

You'll never know. The next two working hands might be yours.