Thursday, July 19, 2012

Men will be boys.

We are simple beings. We don't like complications.

We only know the primary colors. Yes, your lipstick is just pink to us no matter what shade you say it is.

So if you want us to buy your make up (please don't), write down the exact color then we'll give the paper to the sales lady.

We'll only mop the floor if we spilled something. We will not know if the floor is dusty.

We will not realize that the funny smell is coming from the garbage unless you tell us. We only take out the garbage when there is no more room for our empty beer bottle.

We don't know if the bed sheets are crumpled. For us, it's just something that makes the bed not itchy and look nice. Don't ask us if the bed sheet is straight or stretched out. We'll just say it is without even looking at it.

Going to the grocery store is not a scheduled activity for us. We will only feel the need to go once we run out of beers and if there is only one item left in the fridge. Oh, yogurt and vegetables are not considered "food" for us.

Life is so simple. Let's not make simple things complicated.

If we were in-charge of the house, we'd only cook corned beef or just open a can of pork and beans.

We just don't like complex things. We're practical like that.

If facial hair didn't get itchy, we'd all look like Moses.

We go to malls not really to look around. Two to three shops then we get tired and bored and just buy what we need.

That's another thing. When we decide to go to a mall, we already know where and what to buy. No need to loiter around the mall for three hours. We park the car, we enter the mall then we go straight to the store. We check out the item, look for our size then pay for the item. Then we leave.

We'd rather lie on the bed.

When we go out to restaurants, we'd rather order the same thing over and over than look at the menu and look for something new. We also don't order what we can't pronounce. And we're shy to ask the waiter.

So don't expect us to compliment you on your new hair color or on those new pair of shoes. We probably won't notice them. We're sorry. We don't color our hair and we only know of two shoes--office shoes and basketball shoes. All your shoes look the same to us.

Yes, we are cavemen. We just need food and shelter and we're good.

Oh, and we're lazy too.

Yes, boys will be boys.

While men are still boys.

Forgive us.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's more sad in the Philippines today.

The following days after yesterday will be sad days for Filipinos.

Dolphy, the King of Comedy, has passed away at 83 years old.

We will miss him hitting someone with a newspaper.

We will miss seeing someone on TV who is naturally funny.

A comedian who can make people laugh by not giving away money.

We will miss those puruntong shorts.

He made living along the riles cool.

He gave a lot of Filipinos hope by portraying roles that depicted how most Filipinos lived.

He saved a lot of politicians by making Filipinos forget about their problems even for at least once a day in a week.

Heck, I bet he saved a lot of people too who were thinking of committing suicide.

Dolphy's legacy in making people laugh encompassed several generations.

He was always funny.

He was one of those people that you never wanted to die.

He was synonymous to Hope and Laughter.

Thank you Dolphy for all the problems forgotten and set aside because of your punch lines.

Thank you for showing a lot of Filipinos that they can just laugh at their problems and not dwell on them too much.

That life is complicated as it is and that laughter should rule everyone's life for you to be really happy.

That problems can be solved if the whole family works together to solve them.

That despite all the problems, we'll be all right.

Thank you, Dolphy.

We'll be all right.

Say Hi to Panchito for us.

Monday, July 9, 2012

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