Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm Married! You can find someone to love you too!

Hello, my two loyal readers. How has it been? How much has your life changed since last November (the last time I wrote here--wow!)? Oh, you asking me? Well, not much changed except I GOT MARRIED!:)

Yup, I finally took the plunge. Or somebody finally took the plunge with me. Haha. Yup, her helmet is pretty top of the line so no need to worry, mom (one of my readers).

Anyway, whoa. Where do I start?!

It was the best party I ever organized. One of the most meaningful too. I didn't do it all by myself though. It was made even more special because it was me and my wife who planned everything. With the help of the very special people in our lives, of course (shout out to you guys. you know who you are--if you don't then you're not one of them, hehe).

Well, there. I got over it. The "will-someone-ever-love-me" phase in my life. I could be loved after all! For eternity. For my better or for my worst! What a feeling. I married the most understanding and patient woman in the world! How lucky am I?!

Did you ever feel that you weren't lovable? That no one would ever fall in love with you because you were not worth falling in love with? I did.

I felt that I was the most unlovable person in the world. I was impatient. I was stubborn. I was hot-headed. I was lazy. I was fat. I was curly. I had pimples. I felt stupid. I didn't have a stable job. I felt that I was the person dads would warn their daughters not to associate themselves with. Or fall in love with. Or even look at.

I still feel some of those until now. Yeah, I'm still fat. I'm still impatient and hot-headed. And I still don't think that much of myself.

But someone is helping me feel good about myself. Someone fell in love with me. And that means a lot to me.

Someone actually doesn't care that I'm fat (although she teases me everyday and pokes my stomach while we're watching TV on the couch). Someone is patient enough to deal with my being impatient. SOMEONE LOVES ME. Wow.

And I love her.

I told God. I told all our relatives and friends. I told her. And I told myself.

To those who feel that they're unlovable (or to those who can't spell it--with an "e" after love?), keep your chins up. Keep smiling. Love yourself first. We all have faults. But we all are lovable. Someone is out there.

But have love present within you first. This is so you won't push them away when they come. Because you know that you are worth loving. Everyone is (well...okay most people).

You are worth loving. Always remember that.

Look at me.