Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wedding Preparations

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Yey, we're getting married! So exciting! I can't wait to hit the ground running with the planning! This is so exciting!

And then you start planning.

And then the real excitement begins.

Are we gonna fight today or not?

Haha. Of course you hope you don't. But the Wedding Preparation gods find a way for you to get on each others' nerves one way or another. Yes, not by choice. But by circumstances. You try your best to avoid conflicts but they just crop up when you least expect them.

Don't get me wrong. The fights ARE entertaining (well, after you realize how lame they are). But I would prefer not to be entertained even once a week. Hehe.

You also see how practical and crazy your partners can get. Me, personally, I have a hard time distinguishing preparations from a business deal. I was told by my fiance to hang loose and to relax and to have fun. I am so formal and stiff when it comes to decision making and responsibilities. I have to learn how to make it FUN!

But it IS really fun. No sarcasm here. You also get to know who your true friends are. Hehe. I never imagined getting help from all angles! Thanks, guys.

Getting the best but most affordable suppliers is really the hardest part too but together, we are slowly making this fun.

I am getting excited by the day. And learning to be patient as well.

Are we prepared for this? I don't think anybody is.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thankful at Thirty Three

Every when do you put down your pen, close your computer screen, turn off the TV or shut down your mobile phones and think about the things in your life that you should be thankful for?

It seems that the only times we do this is every time something tragic or life-changing happens to us and we get through them.

Maybe we should all do this at least once every three months. Or as much as you want.

Today, I just turned 33. Wow, Thirty Three. And I still live in my parents' house. And I'm still not married. And it's only now that I'm getting to work for a multinational company.

So, what reasons are there for me to be thankful, you ask?

I asked the same thing just this evening while attending mass, actually.

What is there to be thankful for?

I thought my list would be limited to the fingers in my hands. I was wrong. I had to touch my ugly toes too to complete my list.

Although people were looking at me while I was touching my toes (yes, I was still in Mass), I realized that there are many things that I should be thankful for. A LOT.

So amidst the priest ranting how bad people who support the RH Bill are, I started counting.

First, my parents. Yes, it is not always a harmonious relationship with them. Yes, we can get on each others' nerves (more of them than me, hehe) every other day. Yes, there are times that I wish I had a different set of parents (don't we all sometimes?). But NO I do not WANT a different set of parents.

I am thankful that they are putting up with me even though I seem to be a boarder most of the time I'm in the house. Yes, I hate being the "techie" when I go home and my response to their seeking for assistance on Iphone and computer issues may not be the most courteous in the world but it's also nice to feel needed sometimes.

I am thankful that they still allow me to live in their house and get all their food (i mean ALL THEIR FOOD, hehe). They let me use their cars too and they tell me that I'm "pogi" as well once in a while, hehe.

I cannot list all the reasons why I am thankful for my parents. That would take up most of my blog's bandwidth! But if I could only say "Thank You" to three people in this world then they would be the second and third (mom first then dad second. haha, just kidding, dad!--in equal order of course). God would be first, by the way.

I thank them for allowing me to be me. For supporting me in whatever decision I made while I was growing up. For scolding me if I didn't brush my hair. For asking if I am really going to wear slippers to church. For telling me not to text while driving. For saying I'm pogi. For letting me know I'm fat and that I have to do something about it. For the sampaloc pasalubongs when I was in grade school. For going to Marikina to have me made a special correctional shoes (high cut, yo!). For always reminding me that I am talented and that I can achieve more if I just tried more. For all the Mcdo's and for all the Shakey's and Pizza Hut's. For telling me and Mike it's okay if we don't want to continue Taekwondo (we're lovers, not fighters! haha).

I could go on and on but I am afraid that someone might get the idea that this is a good topic for a book (Thank You Ma and Pa--there I even gave you a title) and that this person would get published and get rich while I continue to stay with my parents.

I will thank the other people that have contributed to my being me in future posts (don't tampo na!).

My name is Dinjo. I am Thirty Three. And I am thankful that I have Rey and Vicky as my parents. I will have it no other way.

Thanks, Ma. Thanks, Pa.

Can you do grocery soon?

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