Saturday, January 8, 2011


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Described by my common sense as "not being certain", "unsure about things", "experiencing quarterlife crisis."

Last night, I received my latest bout with uncertainty.

It's funny how you think you are so sure about things but then a couple of words just bring you back to reality (uncertainty?).

Let me ask you guys a question.

How many times in life have you been sure about something?

Yes, 100 percent sure.

We all might come up with the same answer--never.

Yes, never. Because that's the way life is built. We will never know what is in store for us around the corner and what might happen to us if we make a certain decision.

Actually, that's what makes life even more exciting. It's like an old game my brother and I used to play called "Choose Your Own Adventure." It was either you advance, get a new weapon, get stuck, die or save the princess (I think this was Mario, hehe).

Isn't that fun? Choosing your own destiny? Yes, I believe that God knows our destiny but we are the ones responsible for getting to where/who we are destined to be.

So everybody goes through it. Uncertainty. We are just never sure about something until we decide about that something and WE make THAT something that we are sure of.

We already made the decision so might as well live with the decision we made by owing up to the consequences of that decision.

But it's okay to be uncertain. That's the way life is supposed to be. We just have to learn how to live with any decision we make.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Goals for 2011. What are yours?

Wow, it seems like I write here every New Year's only.

That's all right. Nobody follows this blog anyway, haha.

Anyway, I shall enumerate what I plan to achieve in this coming year and also what my targets are for 2011.

Here they are:

1. Choose my battles.
I will not sweat the small stuff. I read this book before and I should be striving harder to practice this. I will not get too much affected by miniscule things and just pick on major things that I need to handle and worry about. This will also help me in being patient with others. I will not get affected by the little negative things that people do. I am not perfect and so are a lot of people. A LOT OF PEOPLE. Haha.

2. Control my temper.
I am presently looking for ways on how to control my temper (Yahoo Search!! Hehe). This always gets me into trouble with my girlfriend and my mom. It's such a waste of time arguing with them so I better control my temper to avoid fights with the two most important women in my life. The times that should be spent for lambing are most often spent on tampuhans. This should not be the case.

3. Be more patient.
I should not expect from others. Expectation is always doomed for failure. Once your expectations fall short, you just get disappointed. So might as well not expect anymore so you won't get disappointed. Just hope for the best. I get ticked off especially by stupid people. And also when people think that I'm stupid. I should just be secure with myself and also not treat people like they are wont on doing mistakes. I have to be more patient. Even to my dad who is getting older and older as I'm typing this. My parents are getting older. I should be more patient and caring towards them.

4. Laugh more.
What is the easiest thing to do? To laugh. It's free too! Laugh at my mistakes. Laugh at people. Laugh at everything! It's good exercise for the face too.

5. Settle Down.
Yes. Haha. If she says "yes" to my proposal. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata. Haha.

This includes getting our own place too. I am so looking forward to spending Christmas and New Year at our own place. With beds and all.

Baby? We'll see:)

Yeah, donations for the wedding and settling down will be appreciated. Hahaha.

Two (three because two of them are part of a couple) of my friends were engaged today! Wow!

6. Work, work, work.
I was blessed to get into Smart last year. I'm still in the so-called transition period but I'm excited to learn more! Work begets work so here's to more work! Better to burn out than to fade away.

This goes with my other endeavors too. Maybe I can hire staff already for and also maybe 2011 is the year Maybe these endeavors can pay for our house and car:)

7. Work out.
Yes, this is a promise. I AM FAT, I admit it. I am currently on the lookout for a gym near the office. Three times a week, baby! Let's do this! This includes watching my diet too. No more softdrinks!

I'm feeling some symptoms of being old and fat already so better do something about this now.

8. Save, save, save.
I need to discipline myself when it comes to spending. Lessen the dinner out's and gimiks maybe. Bring baon to the office. Don't spend on too much gadgets. Save up for the wedding, the house, the family car, the future!

There, I think I have everything covered. If you're a friend and you happen to read this, please let me know what I need to work on:)

Happy New YOU to everyone! Let us strike while the iron is hot. This is our time. This is YOUR time.

Go for Goal!

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