Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Of Guns and Gilbert...

Okay, so let me first talk about what Gilbert Arenas did a couple of weeks ago that has led to his "indefinite suspension" in the NBA. He allegedly (well, he's admitted to this already so it's a "supposedly") brought in some three guns inside the locker room in their home court and apparently threatened to shoot his teammate Javaris Crittenton in the face or burn his car because of a gambling debt/dispute on the team's plane on their way back to Washington. At first, he said that he brought the guns to the gym to get them away from his young children at home.

He plead guilty to felony gun possession and will be sentenced in March. He still maintains that the act was meant to be a joke. Experts say he will not get jail time.

The dude is averaging almost 23 points and seven assists. AND he WAS on my NBA Fantasy Team. Bummer. Yeah, that's really my concern. Haha. Overall, he's a good and funny guy too.

In all seriousness, what I really want to talk about is responsible gun ownership. I'm not against guns and to tell you the truth I'm also not for it. If you have a gun then good for you but please use it responsibly. Don't even bring it with you in your car if you don't have a permit to carry. And never ever brandish that silverware on anyone. They might have a heavier kind of gun, you know.

Think Jason Ivler. Look what happened to that dude. Yeah, he might be crazy and trigger-happy but if someone taught him on the finer points of owning a gun and also asked him not to bring his gun around then Victor Ebarle Jr. would still be here right now making his loved ones happy. Instead, we have to deal with seeing Marlene Aguilar singing on TV and asking America to save his son even though Jason also has a warrant of arrest in the US. Just this week, another guy was in the hot seat on TV because he pointed his gun at someone in an apparent traffic altercation. Turns out, the guy was just parked because he had to talk to someone and the other man was impatient and couldn't wait. Too bad the other guy had a camera and was able to take a picture of him with the gun. The PNP said if they receive a complaint then the three guns of the man would be confiscated. I hope they do.

Guns. Yeah, they were fun when we were kids. They were so harmless back then. And yeah, we need them for security and protection but how thin is the line between protecting yourself and endangering others?

Hopefully, the authorities will monitor gun owners more effectively and also make it harder for people (read as Ampatuan's and Ivler's) to get guns. Do they even require psychological tests for that?

Well, with the elections coming, the police expect more cases/killings related to guns. What can we, people without guns and connections, do about it?

Just be sure we run and drive fast, I guess.

I still hope Gilbert Arenas comes back. Just for the sake of my fantasy team. I can't say the same for Jason Ivler though.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My first time to witness a live proposal:)

GnA Proposal

It was chilly but we forgot how cold it was with the warm words exchanged by two people in love...:)

Congrats, guys!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

When-dding Plans

There comes a time in one's life (yeah, even for uglier people than us) wherein you must decide on leaving the single life and moving on to bigger things (perhaps the biggest understatement of our lives) called Marriage.

Marriage. Defined by me based on my friends' marriages as a thing two people enter into when they have reached the pinnacle or the end of their relationship as girlfriend/boyfriend or when the girl gets pregnant. Haha. I'm partly kidding.  To me, marriage is what two people in love get into when they are so in love and want to legalize what they are feeling as well as bring to God what they feel for each other. It is the hardest but most satisfying commitment that a couple can make. It's when two people commit themselves to each other for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, 'til death do they part. That's tough, right?! But for someone you really love and want to spend the rest of your life with, you do it. You promise in front of God. You give Him and your partner your word. If you're successful in all those vows then you have mastered the game called Marriage.

Now at my age, it is fair to get asked when I"m gonna get married and be pressured by people who aren't really important to me. Haha. I'd be lying if I said I'm not pressured. But the pressure is more by myself plus the fact that I don't want my girlfriend getting impatient then leaving me. Hey, I've seen this happen. But then again we can argue that the girl didn't really love the guy. The girl jumped into a new relationship a few months after and got married the next year. I don't want that happening to me. Especially because I really love my girlfriend now. And it would suck if we both get pressured by outside forces and end up marrying for the wrong reasons.

A lot of  people have also told me to forget about financial issues and that it would be easier to save up when you're already together. There's a semblance of truth there but I still want my wife (and my kids eventually) to be comfortable in life. Not really live a life like the Ampatuan's but just comfortable enough for them not to get embarrassed if I pick them up in school with a beat-up pick up with a fan belt you can hear from the next street. Been there. Done that. My girlfriend told me that she doesn't mind having a not-so-extravagant wedding just as long as I don't carry her into my room in my parent's house. That's fair. Good luck in cutting down friends from the guest list. Gooood luuuuuck.

So I've come to a point in my life wherein I must decide. And I have decided. As to when, where and who to invite, well, that's the least of my problems.

What's important is I found the answer to the "Who" and the "Why"...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time, Treasures and Tolerance

My motto for 2010--Time, Treasures and Tolerance.

The Three T's were shared to me by my brother, Mike, in one of our drinking/sharing sessions at our cousin Quito's house over the holiday break. I'm glad I listened. With just three words, I think I'm going to be a better person this year! Thopefully. That's the fourth "T"...haha.

They say that the best gift you can give a person is time. I cannot agree more. Although, I won't mind if you just give me a house and lot in Tagaytay then don't even spend time with me. Haha. I'm kidding, of course (or am I?). Time cannot be replaced or cannot be regained.That's why no one ever coined the words "quantity time." Yes, it's QUALITY, buster. You probably heard it wrong or the one who told you had a speaking problem (kwanity taym!). That's the best thing we can offer anyone. Our parents, brother and sister, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, children and even to yourself. Time is irreplaceable. You cannot give it then take it back. It's priceless. Listening to your siblings ramble about something exciting that happened to them that day is more than giving them material stuff. Spending 30 power minutes with your kid on that math problem (okay, 45 minutes) will be more appreciated than giving him ice cream for getting eight out of 10 correct items in the quiz. Patiently teaching your mom how to attach a file to an email is more than giving her Cadbury on her birthday. Do not be selfish with your time. People ask you to be with them for a reason. It's because they want to be with you. Give it to them. We expect them to be there for us also when we need them, right?

Treasures. You yourself is a treasure. Whatever you can offer to anyone will be greatly appreciated. If you're good at cooking, cook for your family once in a while or teach your friend to cook. If you love driving around in the city, offer to drive your dad to work and pick him up after. If you love eating (this is me, hehe), then try a new resto with your girlfriend or your mother. We are all children of God so we all have treasures that we can share to everyone. Again, don't keep your talents and treasures all to yourself. Give them away. Or they will just rot inside you. Let me know if you can teach yourself to cook and if it's gratifying. Haha.

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Tolerance. Not everyone likes you. Not everyone wants to help you out with something. Not everyone wants to spend time with you. But people still do. Because they care about you and tolerate you and what you do and who you are. And you should practice tolerance too. Let's all be more patient towards our loved ones and the people we interact with everyday. Hey, if the guard tells you you can't park there, maybe you really can't park there and he's just doing his job. If your dad always gets mad at you for silly reasons, just laugh them off (not in front of your dad, though) and write them off as "what old people enjoy doing." Let's all try to be more understanding. More tolerant of how people are. We're not perfect. And so are they. If only people could understand each other then we won't be wasting our times fighting and reconciling. Why can't we all be friends?! Haha.

Time, Treasures and Tolerance. Three words to live by for the new year.

Although easy to remember, I still wrote them down on a paper and taped it to my wall.

Time. Treasures. Tolerance.