Sunday, August 9, 2009

On rivalries

Typing this as I'm waiting for the first match up between De La Salle University and Ateneo De Manila University for this season of the UAAP. I'm from DLSU so you know who I'm rooting for, of course. It doesn't help that my older brother is from Ateneo and that I have developed friendships with some of his friends from the same school--I still hate their team. Nothing personal. We weren't taught to dislike or hate each other. Well, I wasn't anyway. It was just developed. You just develop that school pride and think that no other school is better than yours. Either in sports or in academics.

But like what a reporter in the pre-game interviews said, our rivals make us better. Ateneo won't be Ateneo without La Salle and vice versa. Victories seem sweeter when it's against a rival.

It's not about being jealous or envious of their achievements. It's about performing your best when you're playing against them (and wishing all the other teams beat the hell out of them as well). Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer, as they say. We need someone to keep us up on our toes sometimes. We need that extra push. We need to wake up and think that someone might be getting what is ours. This will keep the fire burning in our hearts. Desire. Rivalry. Healthy competition. That's what it's all about. Not being sore losers and being gracious winners as well.

I don't know if the players are friends off the court but I'm pretty sure ADMU and DLSU loyalists are just happy that they're part of this rivalry.

I know I am.

Animo, La Salle!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gosh, I AM old...

It sucks to be sick. At this day and age, people don't really pay attention to you that much compared to when you were still in elementary or high school. They don't make you soup anymore and they don't even bother to check up on you. Aside from the few benefits that we get when we have fever like those mentioned above, being sick used to excuse us from classes. Now, if you miss work, you'd have to explain it to your boss and also find a high stack of papers on your desk the following day. It also sucks to feel useless because you're sick. And you don't get to enjoy food that much because everything tastes like paper (yes, even your favorite pizza!). I don't mind eating paper actually but I eat to enjoy the taste not to get full. Oh, okay, sometimes I just eat because chewing is one of my favorite sports.

I also hate the feeling of being sick. Literally. I hate the headaches. I wish I just drank last night and enjoyed (the headaches are similar to getting hangovers anyway). I also hate coughing. Yes, because I'm too lazy to put my hands up to cover my mouth. I also don't like the sniffles. Waste of tissue. I'd rather have them invade my mouth (here, i'm kidding. or am i?).

Bottomline is--I miss the days when I used to conquer fever in just a day. Now, my body is too frail and too used up (oh, how I wish it was THAT used up, wink, wink. haha) that it needs a couple more days to recover from fever. My back and head hurts from coughing and my ears hurt from my mom always telling me, "I told you to drink your vitamins," and "You need rest. You need to lessen your night outs."

Take care of your body. I wish I did. I wish I were healthier. I wish this fever and cough and colds go away so I can do my once a week exercise tomorrow.

Health is wealth, they say. I need to save up starting now...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

On being useless

Everyone feels this one time or another in all of our lives (hopefully, not all the time. if yes, then you need to see a doctor. or you're really freakin' useless!). Not needed. Not appreciated. Not worth giving even a blank stare at. You're just useless. You're just a plant sitting in one corner. Your only friend is the gardener. AND you're also accused of bringing insects and mosquitoes to the room. Heck, your office water dispenser is visited (sometimes even talked to!) more by your officemates than you!

Are you really useless? Do you just give stupid remarks everytime people ask you what you think of even the most mundane of things? Do you just snicker and laugh everytime your boss tells you to do something in the hopes of him/her forgetting that he/she asked you to do something? Then do you sit at home after office, lie down on your bed and pat yourself on the back for again being useless for the day? If so, then you ARE useless.

But if you feel like you did something that helped your family, your school, your company, then it's useless to feel useless. You did something. You achieved something. Don't let people tell you that you'd be better off in an island in Mindanao. Letting people tell you that you don't even know how useful you can be in a useless environment is like letting them tell you that you are more important than dust. Don't let them. Nobody can tell you what your worth is. Only yourself. You do not have to answer to anybody. You just have to answer to God. But for the love of God, be useful. Don't be like a plant. Don't go to the office and just sit from 9 to 5 in front of your desk updating your status in that latest social networking site online (visit even for five minutes, okay? haha).

This is not to encourage everyone to be useless and to flaunt it to everyone in the world (dinjo's blog says it's okay to be useless so i'm going to be as useless as possible and not care about what other people think!). That's just wrong. That's being inconsiderate to others, to God and to yourself. Your body's a waste if that's the case. God should've put that pig's soul (if they have one) and switched you two.

I hate feeling useless. Especially when I know that I'm not useless. But maybe sometimes I AM useless. Maybe we need someone very important to tell us that and to make us feel that so we will do otherwise. It's a bitter pill to swallow but I would rather be told that I'm useless to my face than having to read it in someone's blog where the blogger knows I'm the only follower.

If you still think that being useless is cool and that not changing because being useful is defined by you, then you ARE useless.

Do something useful today.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The first time I saw her, I had no idea who she was. I was busy playing with our toy soldiers (why does this always seem to sound wrong!) in our backyard and our parents just said that they were going somewhere. They were wearing yellow and I couldn't care less. My green toy soldiers were winning against the bigger and better trained G.I. Joe's.

Then I found out what happened to her husband. Ruthlessness at its best. Then I remember her flashing the "L" sign and then giving speeches here and there. Cory with Doy Laurel and Marcos with Tolentino. Yellow here and there. Then, "Marcos Flees." Me and my soldiers rejoiced with the nation without knowing what was there to be happy about.

To cut the long story short, this woman with that horn-rimmed glasses beat one of the most (if not the most) powerful man in the history of the Philippines in the elections. Yeah, woman! And this, at the expense of her husband.

Despite the several coup d'etat attempts against her administration, Cory was able to lead our country through those tumultuous times and enabled the Philippines to rise from the ashes so to speak. This despite losing her husband and not knowing anything about what she was going to go through.

Talk about courage and dedication. Cory had those. It's sad that she had to go. She's the best woman president we've ever had (yeah, yeah, they're only two, so what?) and I consider her as not only Kris and Senator Noynoy's mom, but also the mother of our country. We will forever be indebted to her for uniting the Filipino people and for painting the town yellow.

Cory, tagumpay ka. Kahit na ganito ang sitwasyon ng bansa ngayon, kahit ilang saglit, nagkaisa kaming lahat.

May your soul rest in peace. Salamat po.