Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yes, I am immature.

We were young. We were free! I remember a song with those lyrics but I just can't recall the title of the song and the artist. Help! It was an upbeat song. It was about being young and being free (no shit, dinjo). Well, this blog is not about finding out what song that was. This entry is about being young and being free (okay, I better start thinking of other words to describe this entry now...).

What brought about this feeling? Seeing old friends. Sharing old stories. Spending a good friend's special night. Discovering new things about old friends. Digging up embarrassing stories just to humiliate your friend in front of someone he'd just met. Free booze and free food. Haha.

"You guys are so childish" or something to that effect was what someone thrown to the lion's lair said. We paused. Took the statement in. Reflected. And continued to laugh and slap each other silly. We didn't care. Whenever we all got together, we become the same kids who used to bully other sweaty and smelly kids to get off the court (My friends did. I was just the one holding the ball). The usual suspects in all the pranks inside the village (I will still not admit to running my bike on that perfect garden patch along Leyte St. If ever that was me, that was surely an accident). We were still the same group that just knew how to have fun.

It is not bad to act like kids once in a while. Just as long as you go home to your family that night, kiss your kids on the forehead, go to work the next day then accompany your wife to the grocery. Just as long as you pay for the bill (I knew I forgot something!). Just as long as you act like an adult during the times you need to be.

Oh, it was a wonderful night. Sometimes I don't mind being called immature just as long as I am having a great time with great friends.

I hope I don't get used to it and make it a way of life though. That's just depressing. Haha.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Debt is Death...

Yes, I am poor. Literally, figuratively and most recently, emotionally. Yes! Emotionally. I never thought I could ever feel poor in my heart! And a calling card-sized plastic is to blame for all this heartache at that! And I never learn my lesson. A small plastic material can eat at your life just like that. It can consume you and it can also give you sleepless nights (and days, hehe. yeah, I sleep during the days too sometimes, so?! don't tell my boss though). How can something so small give you so much despair (i am not talking about any of my physical parts here, okay?)?!

I thought I was wise enough to get a credit card because I didn't need to bring loads of cash (as if) with me just in case the bus I was riding in got robbed. I thought that keeping that tiny little gold substitute for cash was going to be my salvation from holduppers and my mom who always looks at the money in my wallet but alas! Now, I'm buried. From coat to tie! And the customer service representative that I cursed very early in the morning last Monday could not help me restructure my bill either! Oh, whoever that was, I want to say sorry. I apologize. But your service sucks anyhow.

Right in the middle of writing this article, I wondered: "Do I really want other people (two people who read my blog, actually) to know my financial situation?" I actually do. So that my friends will not encounter this problem called a credit card and so that I can borrow money from them! Haha. All jokes are half-meant, they say? This joke is serious! Hahaha.

So if you hear that I suddenly flew to the States or Nigeria (I hear many people there need help in transferring large amounts of money from my bank account to theirs) then that means I have permanently changed my billing address (wink, wink).

Be wise in your spending and that little thing in your pants won't ever be a problem. I would ask you not to keep that in your pants always but that would just probably bring in too many unwanted pregnancies, I mean, debts.

I will get through this. Oh, yes, I will.

Give me my commissions now!!! Haha.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm too old for this shit...

Played basketball with my original crew from the village last night. It's been like almost 10 years since the last time we played with each other (that didn't sound right) in our very own village. Now, the court seems dilapidated, majority of the players have families already (me, excluding) and it's about time we all took our jobs seriously so no more basketball for all of us.

I formed most of my friendships in our village court. For a time, that was my second home. It was fun reminiscing last night and being with people who contributed to who I am now (vices included, haha). I was sort of the baby in the batch so I learned a lot of things from them as well as naturally adapted some of the ways on how they lived life. Learned how to be happy-go-lucky. Learned how to be competitive. Learned how to act in a strip club. Learned how to use my elbows in basketball (haha, numerous times!). I learned. That's what I got from them. It was truly a learning experience.

Apart from those, you learn how to develop camaraderie. You find out what brotherhood means when a teammate of yours punches an opponent for a dirty play done against you (this is not really the best way to show brotherhood though, hehe). I can write a lot of instances wherein I learned what brotherhood meant but this would take all night and my fingers are already killing me.

Those were my wonder years. And I was so fit then! Dammit! It was a wonderful experience. Get into sports! Not only will you get the attention of many girls but you'll also learn a lot from playing and from the people you're playing with. Cherish those experiences and lessons.

Oh, I forgot to mention that most of the players who played last night either fell sick or developed muscle soreness. Haha, again, including myself.

We're going to get sick again next week. Are we too old for this shit? Yeah, we are and we love it.